Leadership Week 3

This week we focused a lot on management, leadership, and the hiring process.  The lectures this week taught us how leaders are cheerleaders and motivators, while managers focus on the day to day things by allocating and running the unit in order to get things done.  Management works with the team, leaders lead the team.

I’ve always thought I worked well in a team environment whether it be sports, work, or family, but I recently learned I am not a fan of teamwork when it comes to my online classes. On my own, I would complete assignments in a shorter amount of time. It takes us a while as we wait for everyone to find time to comment on the assignment, and then we have to wait and everyone’s opinions before we can come to an agreement on the final piece we will submit for grading. I do not like having to rely on strangers when it comes to my grades for school.

One such activity included a list of people from Buddha to Oprah Winfrey to Hitler. We were asked to pick out the leaders. The assignment did not tell us to pick out who we through were good leaders, just pick out the leaders. As expected we all had varying opinions, but once again for the sake of getting assignment done asap, and to because I do not like confrontations, I did not give voice to all my thoughts. Interesting enough, as a group, it was much easier and quicker for us to agree on behavioral based questions to ask an applicant during an interview than it was for us to unanimously agree on the leaders in a list.

I found the lecture on hiring an applicant more interesting than I thought I would. As an applicant I hate group interviews, but I understand the benefits to the ones doing the hiring. It’s great to get different view points, especially if they will all work together, but it also protects the person doing the hiring. If it’s a one-on-one interview, there’s room for “he said, she said” type of situation. It really helps to involve the employees who will be working with the prospective applicant as you can find out if they will get along or if their personalities will clash. I think the information I learned will help me with any future interviews I will participate in whether it be as the applicant or part of a group who is doing the hiring.



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