Week 4 Team Building Assignment

This week I learned there needs to be a good balance between leadership and followers. If there are too many leaders, then nothing will ever get done. We will spend too much time debating and not enough time taking action. Many of us chose to do online classes as a result of our hectic schedules and lives. Particularly nurses who work in a hospital atmosphere may not have regular working schedules. We don’t often work the same days every week. Our work schedules combined with personal lives made it particular difficult for my team to find an opportune time to do our team activity. At some point, I wondered if I should have chosen to work with a group on campus. This was a day and time given at the beginning of the semester thus giving me time to work out a babysitter and to move my shifts around so I could be at that physical meeting.

Once we were able to get together via Zoom app, the activities proved to be fun. I was able to get to know my group much better, and once the meeting was over, I noticed our messages were more personal now that we new a little more about one another. We had more of a feel for each other’s personalities. Sometimes my role changed in the group activity from leader to follower, but that was ok as long as it moved our team in the right direction. Through the activities we did, it was interesting to see how each of us handle pressure, competition, and process of elimination. Some of us were more competitive than others when it came to playing the app Fruit Ninja. Some of us really wanted the title of “Ninja of the Week.” None of us were crafty. We all chose to make simple objects from paper. We had the “no fuss” mentality. Some of us chose to make a hat out of paper, a plane, a game, or a fan. This simple activity brought humor to our group and helped us to become more comfortable with one another. In our activity where we had a life boat and we could only save nine people around us, it was interesting how many of my group members decided to go by age when we were faced with genuinely good people. It was easy to not allow people that are difficult to work with, or would be a “cancer” to the group, and had nothing to help benefit the group, allowed in the make-believe life boat. However, we struggled with the really good people that we just couldn’t fit in our boat. So when there wasn’t anything obvious, my group would go by age. If someone was younger, than they were worth saving because they have more life to live. I don’t think I shared their viewpoint since I’m almost in my 40s, and I feel like I have a lot more to live for.

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