Week 8: Leaders As Educators

1. What did you actually learn from the unit.

This week’s topic was on Leaders as educators/future of nursing. We discussed the direction that we see the medical world heading, specifically in nursing.

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

Each of us felt there is so much potential for nurses in the future that it’s actually a pretty exciting time to be in this field.  Patient needs are so much more complex. Nurses are having to make more critical decisions associated with care for patients that are sicker and more frail. There’s a huge need for nurses in various capacities and roles so the push for more education is important. As nurses are expected to help patients manage chronic illnesses, prevent acute care episodes and disease progression, we have the ability to contribute so much if we can get the proper education and are able to practice to our full potential.

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

I think it is important that we speak up for what we believe to be important in the field of medicine. The nursing profession is the largest segment of the nation’s health care workforce, and the potential for nurses is incredible. The best thing I can do for myself is to continue in my education to achieve higher levels of nursing, and look for opportunities to improve my skillset, and practice to the best of my education. My overall goal is to become a nurse educator so that I can influence other students to become caring and compassionate nurses.

4. Your personal feelings about the material covered.

I do agree that nurses should play a larger part in the changes that are occurring and need to occur in healthcare. I found many of the statistics in lecture quite astounding. I had no idea that nurses made up that large of the total population of health care workers. With such a large number of us, and growing, we have opportunities to help change healthcare if we speak up and take a more active role.

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