This week we discussed how important motivation in the workplace can be, and how having a good morale can really go a long way in retaining happy staff.  Our group came up with several ideas to boost employee morale, and we found it interesting many of our individual ideas coincided with one another. 

1. Talking with employees to find out WHY morale is low will be extremely helpful. It’s hard to fix the problem if you don’t know what it is.

2. As a supervisor, work among your employees more often. You will get an idea of the tasks and struggles that they may be dealing with. Because of this, you will be able to tackle these concerns and issues more readily.

3. Special occasion parties (birthdays, baby showers, holidays, etc.) is a super great way to unite a unit and help people build relationships in a non-stressful way that will carry over into the workplace.

4. Create a suggestions/concerns box, give it a cute name like the “Voice Box. Employees can voice their concerns, ideas, suggestions, wishes, etc. It can be anonymous or with their name. ALL ideas should be addressed in some way or another so that staff know they are being taken seriously. This will help to identify the issues that are causing employees to leave. It will also boost morale by allowing employees to feel heard and that their ideas/concerns are important to management.

5. Hold semi-annual family fun nights at a venue or rent out a place, like a trampoline gym or museum, for an evening or day for employees and their families. This shows employees that you care about them and their families and their personal lives. It gives employees a chance to re-energize with their families, and have some good wholesome fun, which is good for the soul and for morale!

6. Short Private/ confidential discussions/interviews with each employee. The reason morale is at an all time low has not been identified. Meeting with each individual will given them an open floor and space to share exactly what is concerning them. You may notice a trend that all employees are struggling with. Once you know the problem, you can start to create solutions.

#7- Provide opportunities for growth through tuition reimbursement, wage raise with higher education degrees.

It’s important for employees to feel valued and appreciated. A thank you note can go a long way towards boosting an employee’s spirits, and its important to having bonding opportunities such as holiday parties. It can be stressful at times and super busy, but it’s nice to have something fun and simple when time permits.  Sometimes we get into a routine and forget all the little pieces that go into keeping a hospital running smoothly. I’ve been fortunate to work for/with managers and coworkers who know how to balance stress, appreciation for one another, and fun. I’d like to continue what they have done for me on any future units I may have the opportunity be in a leadership role. 

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